Princeton PhD students: Send me an email if you are interested in working with me. Potential projects are:

  • High-speed online optimization for real-time control systems
  • Data-driven optimization algorithms
  • First-order methods for sparse, low-rank and combinatorial optimization
  • Differentiable optimization and control

I would also be open to other projects if you have one in mind.

Students outside Princeton: Please apply to an ORFE or ORFE-affiliated PhD program at Princeton if you would like to work with me. Have a look at ORFE faculty research profiles to see which one fits you best.


Rajiv Sambharya
PhD candidate
Shuvomoy Das Gupta
PhD candidate
with Prof. Van Parys

Undergraduate thesis

Holly Cunningham
Princeton University
Max Jun Kim
Princeton University
Ava Jiang
Princeton University

Former Students


  • Luca Mingardi (Master of Business Analytics, MIT).
    Next position: Research Scientist, Interpretable AI
  • Liangyuan Na
    (PhD, MIT).